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Monday, January 31, 2011


Pharaoh (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

The past couple weeks have been intoxicating. The 3 day facade of mosh pitting, haymaking, heavy drinking, lack of sleeping, loving b'lowing, and pig hating was clearly the topper. The New Brunswick show with Draize, Troublemaker and The Love Below was a success barring any technical difficulties and other bullshit that comes along with doing a show in a basement filled with fuckheads. But all the bands slayed everyone went home happy and hopefully with a couple records.

The fact that we even made it to Baltimore the next day still amazes me considering the lack of even just combined sleep between the three of us. Some kid didn't have money for a record the night before so he paid us with some three cans of some crazy south of the border carbonated beverage. Dom's birthday show that day was a blast and much thanks to him for all the beer and pizza. The Acheron (bklyn) show the next day was decent considering the bitter freezing cold. I think a high of 9 with a wind chill to boot you in the ass. Shout out to The Love Below for putting up with NYPD bullshit. They got to back to 75* weather in CA the next day with a mere ass-wiping of a summons. GOod for them. Still had fun playing after all the crap. We played a new song all weekend called "Spared" and it went over well considering it was the first few times we ever played it live only really having just finished it days before. Sold a few records. Met a few new people and had a shitload of fun. New Pharaoh record out via A389 spring/summer 2011.

- Rich -

Friday, December 17, 2010

Giver of birth

@ The Meatlocker
8 Park Street, Montclair NJ 07042

@ The Lit Lounge
93 2nd Ave, NYC
8pm $6





@ The Acheron
57 Waterbury Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
more tba....

So as you can see we have a bunch of gigs to keep us busy for a little while. We've been busy writing new music. We have a couple new songs finished and plenty others in the works. Once again thanks to Dom from A389 for putting out our new 7". You can pick up a copy at a show or at Thanks to anyone who bought it, will buy it, downloaded it, told someone about us, etc... <3

- RICH -

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Writing music for .....

split with Dethroned Emperor

split with Dutchguts

full length.....

FreeCake Release 2011

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A minor slew of cool things are happening, will happen or have happened that are worth noting. Among them is the upcoming A389 Anniversary bash in Baltimore on January 22, 2011. The lineup that defies all possibility of the planet earth ever being stable again is as documented above. (Haymaker. Oh, the humanity!!!!) I went to the last two Baltimore bashes but this one clearly blows all the others out of the water and we're more than floored to be a part of this jam. Tickets are $20 and you can buy them at

We've also been playing a bunch in NYC/Brooklyn. We just played last night at a venue called The Acheron (57 Waterbury Street, BKYLN) with Archon from NYC and Wolvserpent. Wolvserpent is a doom duo from Idaho who dish their own eclectic take on some slow, heavy atmospheric metal and still manage to do so with an enticing visual setup. Yeah there was a violin, a skull and some candles too. I dug it.

As for the records that are due out soon, we should see the birthing of our A389 7" fairly soon, probably within a couple weeks. As soon as it drops we're going to begin working on the layout of our FreeCake release. It'll be three brand new songs and hopefully we can get them together in time for when we take our trip down south.

- Rich -

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We just got done playing the last string of shows and we've been playing out tons with lots of cool bands. A New Orleans black/doom metal trio called High Priest was one band I had the pleasure of helping out with a good ol' fashioned New Brunswick basement show. They blew me away from first listen and delivered even better live. Nothing pleases me more than a band who hits harder than they play with crushing slows n' lows along with demonic riffing and screeching vocals best suited for a cloaked forest bonfire. Do yourself a favor and check 'em out.

After all this fun we're taking a break from playing out for the next month to write some more music for another release and hopefully a couple splits. Both will be with fellow NJ natives. That being the grindcore sludgebrains in Dethroned Emperor and my favorite stoner groovers from slightly up North, Dutchguts. The Dutchguts split also carries with it some talk about, perhaps a joint effort on one of the tracks. My brain concusses itself at the thought of such possibilities.

In upcoming releases will be our original demo which will be taking a new form by way of a 7" on A389 Records. Special thanks goes out to Dom for all the hard work he's been putting into it. Visit A389 to pre-order the record as well as check out all the other great bands on the label including The Love Below (who just rules), and Seraphim, who we had the pleasure of playing with last week. We've also completed recording of the three new tracks which will appear on our record which will be out on FreeCake Records shortly thereafter.

- Rich -

Monday, August 9, 2010

Is it January? . . . Nah man it's August!

A389 2010

A lot of really cool things have been happening lately. First off, I've been to many a New Brunswick / Piscataway / Warren metal show lately. I'm glad to see a lot shrednecks popping up. I'm doing a metal show in New Brunswick on August 22 (scroll down). Thanks to Metal Joe for allowing me to make it happen. We've also got 3 or four shows coming up this month in NJ and possibly NY.

On top of all this fun we've got a couple records dropping soon. Our original demo is going to be released on A389Records. Thanks Dom. We've also got an EP coming out FreeCake Records later this year via our most big-butted bud, Steve Belmont. The artwork for both releases is just about settled upon and the songs are about to start their waxing process. The thought alone of our hearing our songs blasting off the groovy grooves is exciting enough. Shows.....

8/16 - New Brunswick NJ
8/21 - Secacus NJ / (possibly) Brooklyn, NY
8/22 - New Brunswick, NJ (this is my show. contact us for any show info)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Evil Blood.......

So, plans have changed. We won't be going on tour anymore due to some financial issues within the band, no van or hovercraft, and some of our shows getting canceled making the drives, had we a suitable vessel, way too far.

This in turn, has caused us to postpone our tour until the fall or winter. And now that I think about it, that will probably work out way better anyway. Fall is easily the best season of the year, we'll have money and have learned from bitter experience that, even though it seems like a lot of time, two months ain't cuttin' the shit when it comes to booking a 2 week tour. This gives us a chance to write some more songs and prepare to hit all the places we want to in the future by allotting ourselves the proper time to do so.

In the meantime, we still have a bunch of shows happening in July and plan on booking as many as we can for after that. We also plan on doing some weekend tours with our friends in Ominous Black(PA), A Fucking Elephant(NJ) and Moutheater(VA). All will be happening from now to the end of the year hopefully. Talk is a brewin'.

Right now we're finishing up production and whatnot for our first official release on Free Cake Records. Big thanks to Steve Belmont for being psyched on us enough to invest what some people may call a weekly paycheck into our loudmouth music. It is going to be three songs and will be in cassette tape form. Yea so dig up your Walkman . . . . . man. Our future plans also include consistent writing and releasing of material (including a full length LP) hopefully a couple times a year while also playing shows as much as we possibly can. As soon as the tape drops I will put all the information here and on our myspace page ( so keep an eye out.

- Rich -

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I recently took the liberty of putting our 2009 demo and a new song together with lyrics in one convenient little download. The new song is called "Waste" and yes, there are lyrics about Hell in it.

I'll be posting confirmed tour dates as they happen so if you see any stops on our schedule you think you could help out with, shoot us an email at pharaohcontact(at)

- Rich -


Played and hung with Entombed yesterday. I've learned I cannot pronounce Swedish names (thanks Ollie) much less spell them. But we were glad to see them considering we couldn't make it to MDF. Many drinks were had. Havoc in Trenton NJ was yet again unleashed outside the venue doors in the form of bodies colliding with cars and someone apparently shooting a gun in the street less than a block away. Didn't seem to phase the locals at the bar though. I'll have another 7&7 pint thankyou.

- Rich -

Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 Summer Tour

Pharaoh has been a band for about a year and a half at this point. This will be our first tour. Here is where we plan on going. Nothing is set in stone just yet so if you think you may be able to help us out in any of these states or know someone who can, feel free to contact us; pharaohcontact (at)

Also, until we embed some sort of music box here, you can download our demo>

We recorded this last year ourselves at our practice space in our drummer's basement. Since then, we've been writing and playing shows consistently. We plan on having a full length out (tentatively) some time by the end of this year. Godspeed....

- Rich -

July 11, 2010 to July 24, 2010

SAT. 7/10: New Jersey Kickoff

SUN. 7/11: Pennsylvania (Philly)

MON. 7/12: Maryland

TUES. 7/13: Washington DC

WED. 7/14: TBA

THURS. 7/15: Virginia

FRI. 7/16:
North Carolina

SAT. 7/17: Tennessee or Kentucky

SUN. 7/18: Ohio

MON. 7/19: Pennsylvania

TUES. 7/20: New York

WED. 7/21: Massachusetts

THURS. 7/22: Connecticut

FRI. 7/23: Long Island

SAT. 7/24: New Jersey