Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I recently took the liberty of putting our 2009 demo and a new song together with lyrics in one convenient little download. The new song is called "Waste" and yes, there are lyrics about Hell in it.


I'll be posting confirmed tour dates as they happen so if you see any stops on our schedule you think you could help out with, shoot us an email at pharaohcontact(at)gmail.com

- Rich -


Played and hung with Entombed yesterday. I've learned I cannot pronounce Swedish names (thanks Ollie) much less spell them. But we were glad to see them considering we couldn't make it to MDF. Many drinks were had. Havoc in Trenton NJ was yet again unleashed outside the venue doors in the form of bodies colliding with cars and someone apparently shooting a gun in the street less than a block away. Didn't seem to phase the locals at the bar though. I'll have another 7&7 pint thankyou.

- Rich -