Monday, January 31, 2011


Pharaoh (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

The past couple weeks have been intoxicating. The 3 day facade of mosh pitting, haymaking, heavy drinking, lack of sleeping, loving b'lowing, and pig hating was clearly the topper. The New Brunswick show with Draize, Troublemaker and The Love Below was a success barring any technical difficulties and other bullshit that comes along with doing a show in a basement filled with fuckheads. But all the bands slayed everyone went home happy and hopefully with a couple records.

The fact that we even made it to Baltimore the next day still amazes me considering the lack of even just combined sleep between the three of us. Some kid didn't have money for a record the night before so he paid us with some three cans of some crazy south of the border carbonated beverage. Dom's birthday show that day was a blast and much thanks to him for all the beer and pizza. The Acheron (bklyn) show the next day was decent considering the bitter freezing cold. I think a high of 9 with a wind chill to boot you in the ass. Shout out to The Love Below for putting up with NYPD bullshit. They got to back to 75* weather in CA the next day with a mere ass-wiping of a summons. GOod for them. Still had fun playing after all the crap. We played a new song all weekend called "Spared" and it went over well considering it was the first few times we ever played it live only really having just finished it days before. Sold a few records. Met a few new people and had a shitload of fun. New Pharaoh record out via A389 spring/summer 2011.

- Rich -