Thursday, August 26, 2010

We just got done playing the last string of shows and we've been playing out tons with lots of cool bands. A New Orleans black/doom metal trio called High Priest was one band I had the pleasure of helping out with a good ol' fashioned New Brunswick basement show. They blew me away from first listen and delivered even better live. Nothing pleases me more than a band who hits harder than they play with crushing slows n' lows along with demonic riffing and screeching vocals best suited for a cloaked forest bonfire. Do yourself a favor and check 'em out.

After all this fun we're taking a break from playing out for the next month to write some more music for another release and hopefully a couple splits. Both will be with fellow NJ natives. That being the grindcore sludgebrains in Dethroned Emperor and my favorite stoner groovers from slightly up North, Dutchguts. The Dutchguts split also carries with it some talk about, perhaps a joint effort on one of the tracks. My brain concusses itself at the thought of such possibilities.

In upcoming releases will be our original demo which will be taking a new form by way of a 7" on A389 Records. Special thanks goes out to Dom for all the hard work he's been putting into it. Visit A389 to pre-order the record as well as check out all the other great bands on the label including The Love Below (who just rules), and Seraphim, who we had the pleasure of playing with last week. We've also completed recording of the three new tracks which will appear on our record which will be out on FreeCake Records shortly thereafter.

- Rich -

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