Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A minor slew of cool things are happening, will happen or have happened that are worth noting. Among them is the upcoming A389 Anniversary bash in Baltimore on January 22, 2011. The lineup that defies all possibility of the planet earth ever being stable again is as documented above. (Haymaker. Oh, the humanity!!!!) I went to the last two Baltimore bashes but this one clearly blows all the others out of the water and we're more than floored to be a part of this jam. Tickets are $20 and you can buy them at

We've also been playing a bunch in NYC/Brooklyn. We just played last night at a venue called The Acheron (57 Waterbury Street, BKYLN) with Archon from NYC and Wolvserpent. Wolvserpent is a doom duo from Idaho who dish their own eclectic take on some slow, heavy atmospheric metal and still manage to do so with an enticing visual setup. Yeah there was a violin, a skull and some candles too. I dug it.

As for the records that are due out soon, we should see the birthing of our A389 7" fairly soon, probably within a couple weeks. As soon as it drops we're going to begin working on the layout of our FreeCake release. It'll be three brand new songs and hopefully we can get them together in time for when we take our trip down south.

- Rich -

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